My emergency food

I don’t really know who coined the word but it pertains to food we could just grab and serve as it is or with very minimal preparation. The likes of corned beef, luncheon meat, sardines, etc which we could just nuke for a few minutes and presto! The meal is ready. Spam and Ox & Palm corned beef are my favorites and there’s so much you can do with them.

I prefer Spam Lite over the regular Spam because it has less salt. Aside from the Hawaiian fried rice which consists mainly of Spam cubes and pineapple chunks with steamed rice, there’s one more recipe that is so special to me.

Spam Musubi

This is probably the only stuff with seaweed that I’ll ever make because of the ease in preparation and the taste which always comes as a surprise to anyone who ever takes a bite of the delicacy for the first time including me. A little salty; a little sweet and the aromatic sesame oil just goes well with the rice and seaweed. It is the lazy one’s best friend and a surprise crowd pleaser :-)

Ox & Palm corned beef from Australia is my favorite because it is chunky, meaty and flavorful. It's a far cry from the corned beef here in America so I have to go to Oriental stores to get this special corned beef. These are only few of my corned beef concoctions and there's more but I haven't taken pictures of them :-)

Corned beef sandwich

Corned beef spaghetti

With chayote and tomatoes

With mixed veggies


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