August Firsts part 2

Blogging takes me to a strange territory although writing a journal isn't. It's the settings and layout that I need to be acclimated with and hopefully will have the time to do so. See, I need to do a part two lest I mess up what I did in the first part of this blog.

Anyway, I got so intrigued with the Italian dish called "timpano" which was posted in one of my favorite sites. I did my research and found out that it is done by layering pasta, different kinds of cheeses, assorted meats, and arrabiata sauce; encased in a dough and baked in a deep dish. I just knew I had to make one. I did my grocery shopping Friday and couldn’t wait for the weekend so I can try my hand on the dish. I also made my golf ball sized meatballs that night so I can make some headway.

The dish is an ambitious project that requires a lot of preparation so I just thought I’d have one item that needs to be cooked ready and just waiting to be used. Saturday, I just found out that one can never be completely ready in anything because I just realized that I don’t have a deep dish to use so I had to go to Target to look for a suitable one. To my disappointment, I couldn’t find anything but a medium sized glass oven proof dish so I had to settle for that and just did a medium sized timpano.
Here are the pictures of my first timpano. It’s not perfect because my dough did not come out really smooth- obviously, I did not do a good job with my dough and my meatballs are too big for my medium dish. My only consolation is the way my timpano tasted because it’s really delicious. I will definitely make it again and after understanding the dish, I can make my own recipe and use my own dough recipe as well.

I got my recipe from here


  1. Bravo!! I feel like a proud papa! I think it looks delicious.


  2. Thank you so much! You really should be proud coz' it was delicious although the dough is not as perfect as yours.


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