Wunderbar Pie ... a dream come true!

Oh yeah, after so many years of being on my bucket list; this pie finally became a reality.  I told people that it took five years for me to make it but sitting down and really looking back to when and how the idea first came to mind- it was way back in November 2011 when I came across a blogger’s post on what she did with her leftover Halloween candies.  Wunderbar Mini Pies are what she made and I was so intrigued.  First off, I haven’t had a Wunderbar ever but that’s not a problem.  I can just ask relatives from Canada to send me those chocolate bars and make my own pie.  But then, the bucket list was getting longer and found myself getting sidetracked over and over; new foodie projects luring me away from my Wunderbar Pie.  Even as I got hold of the delicious chocolate bars numerous times.  I would just end up devouring them.  Obviously, it has become my favorite chocolate bar.  Still, whenever I’m asked what’s so special about the chocolate bar, I would always say it’s so delicious and it’s for a pie project.  This year I must say I was in Wunderbar heaven because I got lots of them.  It will be a crime not to create the pie so I can at least tell myself that I my dream came true at last! 
The pie starts with the crust and I’m the type who wants to do everything from scratch if I can so I made my foolproof pie crusts using all-purpose flour, very cold unsalted butter and ice water. 
The recipe yields two pie crusts so that means I'm making two pies
Bake the crust for 20 minutes at 350 degrees F. I used red beans as my pie weight
Place chopped Wunderbar over the pie crust.  I should have refrigerated the candy bars first- they sort of started to melt but oh well, they will when the pies start baking anyway
Pour the cream mixture over 
Then bake in a baine marie just till the cream mixture firms up but still a little bit jiggly
 I placed them under the broiler just to brown the meringue topping
The pies are ready to be devoured. The edges of the crusts are far from perfect but the taste and the whole Wunderbar Pie experience is.  I will definitely make this over and over again!  Delicious goal achieved! 


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