Post blog anniversary and other thoughts

I stopped posting in July- not deliberately.  It just happened.  Well, you can say I was just floating or just going with the flow- not really exerting any effort and then again- there's IG.  Then August came and I was full of plans.  It is a special month.  You came to be on that month- at least before it ended-August 30 to be exact.  

But it’s September now and August was empty.  Shame on me!  I can’t move forward without looking back that’s for sure.  I have to retrace my steps and remember all the good things that happened in August. 
Truth be told, I celebrated this blog’s anniversary- set in our backyard complete red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting, blue corn tortilla chips with my homemade creamy corn and bacon dip.  But in my heart, the real star of the table is the passion fruit juice I made from the real fruits (brought by my sister from another mother from Hawaii) and served in my new Mason jars and colorful straws.  


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