Recreating the 85⁰ Mooncake

I have this thing with spongy, fluffy and tender cakes hence my affinity with angel food, chiffon, sponge and any light and airy cake.  So I knew right when I took that first bite of the 85 degrees' Blueberry Mooncake that I'm gonna try my hand on it sometime.  Talk about my propensity to recreate/replicate delicacies of my fancy.  And I think it makes more sense if doable instead of braving the long lines at any 85 degree Bakery if you're familiar with its cult following and rightfully so. I love 85 degrees!
The beloved mooncake which is basic sponge cake with jam filling (strawberry and blueberry) which extends all the way to the side then covered with coconut flakes.  I thought I’d make it with pineapple jam filling which would pair well with coconut, right?  I’m pretty sure I took pictures while the jam was cooking on the stove top but could not find it- tough luck!  Here's how I made it:
I used Red Lotus special flour which I thought to be perfect for my little project.  For the filling, I made pineapple jam by stewing canned pineapple tidbits in sugar until they softened.  Then it goes to the blender to break it into smaller pieces; not really smooth because I still want them tiny bits for texture.
The finished product is one big delicious moon.  I got carried away and used a medium spring form pan instead of small ones to get the half-moon effect but it was a successful endeavor nonetheless. 
It looked like a regular chiffon or sponge cake but the texture is definitely the way I wanted.  I may have to process coconut flakes next time and use smaller pans to achieve the 85 look.


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