Best bets for 2013

We’re halfway through January and I still haven't finished my post holiday posts.  It’s so unlike the past couple of years when I would do a recap of what I did and made during the year that passed. I just feel the need to do this so I can move on and document my next culinary adventure (s).  

January -Chicken Teriyaki is my very own version to satisfy my palate; pleased my fam as well

February - Red Velvet Liege Waffles made me curious how red velvet version of my fave Liège will taste.  I served it with Crème Anglaise sauce and mixed berries and it turned out a fab dessert 

March - Creme Brulee Cupcake started as a cupcake challenge from Ms. JC and I must say these cupcakes deserve a repeat! 
April - Coconut Pancakes with Ginger-Lime Syrup - can't go to New York to try the pancakes at Public Restaurant but not a problem ... I'm the Copycat Queen!

May - Larb Gai or chicken larb is one of the number of dishes I made when I went on a Thai food making frenzy

June - Salted Caramel Pecan Pie - nothing beats a pie made with homemade crust, caramel and topped with fleur de sel and now I know why the small jar is so pricey!
July - Lemon-Ricotta Pop Tarts - Unique Sweets at Food Channel never fails to tease me and I'm always an easy prey.  No need to go to Knead at SF for these though.  I'm quite pleased with my replica and even my friends love it.

August - Mango Tiramisu - a deviation from the usual tiramisu with coffee and chocolate when I couldn't/didn't make any summer treat and this is the closest I came up with.

September - Melt-in-your-mouth Red Velvet Crinkles is an adaptation from my original red velvet crinkle cookies but with some modifications to make the cookies live up to its name. 
October - Hainanese Chicken Rice - I may very well think of it as my memorable fling which I will always remember even if I meet the greatest food-love of my life.  It is so tasty and yummy in its simplicity.

November - White Beans and Pork Rib Soup - my tribute to my soup-loving friends and like a personal challenge.  I just know I can make a really good rendition of this El Salvadorian soup.

December - White Chocolate Macadamia Oat Cookies - my cookie baking mission which is only partly accomplished as I still have a lot of ingredients for more goodies for Mr Cookie Monster.  I've expressed my bias over dark chocolate many times before but the combination of ingredients in these cookies made me enjoy white chocolate as well- at least in these cookies lol....
Whether it's to satisfy my own cravings; my curiosity and hunger to try new things, these are my favorites although there are runner-ups as always.  Here's looking forward to new and more exciting recipes to try, create and replicate.


  1. What a lovely recap of 2013! Glad to be one of your taste testers at least in the first half of the year!! Wish you many many more good eats in 2014! Miss you lots~

    1. Thanks Karen! You know my wish is for you to taste everything I make. Miss you more ~


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