Nam Kang Sai - Thai Shaved Ice Dessert

I'm still not done with my Thai food series.  After all the savory dishes I've prepared, it's only fitting to wrap up a wonderful meal with a bowl of nam kang sai or Thai shaved ice dessert.  Funny how the dessert name and ingredients change to fit my menu.  It is halo-halo in the Philippines, patbingsu in Korea, baobing in Taiwan; ice kachang in Malaysia and Singapore and so on.

This cold dessert treat may be called differently and topped in various ways ranging from fresh, sweetened or canned fruits; taro; jellies; rice balls, red beans; condensed milk, custard, yogurt, ice cream- the possibilities are endless.  
Although you may have a mountain of toppings, I  prefer mine with more ice and milk. I love fruits but my omnipresent and perennial favorite is sweet red beans.  It just tastes so good! This is the ultimate summer dessert although we can enjoy it any time of the year.
I don’t think you need a recipe for this.  All you need is your ice shaver, milk, your choice of toppings and take control of your shaved ice experience.


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