Cray over crawfish

Not everybody likes crawfish.  Others claim it's not worth getting their hands dirty shelling these little crustaceans and be rewarded with just a measly little strip of meat.  Well count me out because I'm crazy over these miniature lobsters. I think that being small makes the meat more precious and eating it more enjoyable.  There's this exciting anticipation factor while removing the shell because you know what’s coming.  There's so much deliciousness concentrated on their little bodies, don't you agree? 

I've never experienced crawfish boil on a large scale ala Louisiana and just the thought makes me giddy with excitement.  I had my little crawfish dinner with my best friend a couple of nights ago.  They looked so beautiful in their live state and didn't even do much thinking about how I'm supposed to cook them.  I just rinsed them and then to the pan they went with white wine, garlic, red pepper flakes and unsalted butter.   
I don't think I need a ton of spices to wake up the taste.  Served with lemon wedges and lots of napkins- they're so freaking delicious and so addictive.  I may have to order online to bring the large scale crawfish boil to our backyard.


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