I did it again.... my second Timpano

It was on the list of requested dishes for my blog anniversary but I didn't get the chance to make it. I promised myself I'd make it before the end of the year though. And today is the fulfillment of that promise. I even made two of them. One is two layers of all the filling while the other one is just to use up the trimmings from the pie crust and left over meat balls, eggs, pasta and sausages.

I'm happier this time because of the improvement in the pie crust. I remember mentioning in my post for my first timpano that I will use my own pie crust recipe when I make it again but since Tipsy Cook improved his pasta frolla crust recipe, I used it and the result is outstanding.

Wrapping up my weekend is finally using the last batch of bread in my fridge and made Mapple Wheat Bread Pudding - maple syrup, apples and wheat bread as the main ingredients along with the custard mix. So Mother's is crossed out anew until further notice.


  1. the timpano looks like something you'd find on thisiswhyyourefat.com, in a good way :)

  2. lol... i know! i guess food needs to be shared. spread the wealth to spread the fat ha ha ha ha ha
    but thanks!


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